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9´4″ Hiro Neko –

SKU: LG0049-1-2

895.00 750.00

9´4" x 22" x 3"/16" Hiro Neko (Hero Cat in japonese) A stable board with slight rocker, a rolled bottom and rails that allow the rider to stay in the pocket. The widepoint is set back slightly for stable nose-riding and thin rails facilitate drop-knee turns and maneuverability. This is a classic model, slightly narrower with a little more volume in the rail for smooth, easy glide on smaller days.  I personally  ride a 9´4" almost all winter in the North of Portugal and when it´s big, this is a log to go to.... Clear deck, volan bottom, volan patches Finish: Sanded Construction: PU Fin Box: Single Fin Box You can Also Pre Order this model Between 9.0" and 10.0" and choose a diferent color for the bottom, pay a deposit and then 5 - 7 weeks after the production and before you pick it up our we send it to your country we will request the final payment. Notice: this price does not include fin and delivery cost, please demand a shipping quote.

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9’4″ x 23″ x 2 12/16″

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