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9´2″ Kamasu

SKU: LG0049

9´2" x 23" x 3" IMPORTANT: This board is part of a special series and has a (minor) color mistake. Everything else about the board, the way it is shaped, the lamination and the construction is 100% correct and solid premium quality. Otherwise we would not sell it in the Noserider Store Shop. Color mistakes are sometimes hardly noticeable, but you get an extra good deal on these surfboards anyway. In this one is on the bottom. The Kamasu is a "Barracuda" fish in Japanese, this model like the "Barracuda" is a "hunter" in this case it hunts waves like crazy, in this model we blended performance rails with rockers of tomorrow, added a wide nose with a profound noseriding concave, the edges of the tail are thinner, the result is quite unique a board that does it all, in nearly every sea conditions, this is the most user-friendly board of our brand, you can take it anywhere and ride it with confidence. Finish: Polish in the front and Sanded in the bottom Extras:Bi finish lamination Construction: PU Fin Box: Single Fin Box You can Also Pre Order this model Between 9.0" and 10.0" and choose a diferent color for the bottom, pay a deposit and then 5 - 7 weeks after the production and before you pick it up our we send it to your country we will request the final payment. Notice: this price does not include fin and delivery cost, please demand a shipping quote.

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9’2″ x 23″ x 3″

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