Conscious individuals willing to take a stand for our Ocean

We just love the Surf Classic Culture, and the main goal of noserider is to bring the best brands available in the market, specially  in longboard surfing, mid length and fish surfboards, and for that we have selected this amazing shapers: Chris Christenson, Axel Lorentz, Guy Takayama, Ian Chisholm, Ryan Engle, Corey Colapinto and “The Master” Bob MC Tavish.

We have in stock a selection of surboards with the most “extras” you can possibly imagine: Double/Triple Stringers, paulownia wood stringers, top quality volan and extra Polish, Carbon Inegra fibers, thunderbolt technologie, we don’t select boards by their sales margins we do it for their quality, Design, and “classic” performance… they must be Unique, Classy and Beautiful, that’s our Fine Surfboards…

And if you want something different we can help you in a custom order…

what are we up to now

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Beach Clean Up supporters

We at Noserider stand up for the ocean in the way we do winter beach clean ups, getting off our local beaches all the plastic rubbish and other nasty stuff we unfortunately find each year, and we give to each volunteer a Noserider eco friendly tote Bag for free and an additional 10% discount online coupon in all our clothing items. Get in touch with us for volunteer in one of our Clean Up's at

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Mindfulness as a way of Life

Mindfulness is a peaceful quality of attention anyone can develop by simply focusing on the present moment in a non-judgmental way – is the key to create a healthier, happier world. For us, mindfulness is the way for anyone to make more moments matter in their lives, and learn to fully enjoy your surf sessions. Stay tunned to Noserider, because mindfullness is going to be part of our community sessions.

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Local Community

We fully support our local community movement Called: “Say No to the maritime port Extension”, this movement is taking action to prevent the construction of a 200 meters extension of the Leixões port, possibly “killing” the waves in the Oporto International Beach. We support the environmental impact studies due to this construction, the lack of this studies are environmental danger to the surf community.

Take a stand
for our ocean

The surf culture means, first of all respect for the ocean for other fellow surfers, when in the water always practice surf etiquette, respect the local community and you will be respected back.

Back in the days (80´s), we started surfing with short boards and then “evolved” to Fish, Mid lengths and longboards, some of us still use our shortboards, but the “felling” of  pure energy, the flow along a longboard carving or trimming along, get you in a state of mind in “the Zone”, and  you enjoy more the waves because they normally last longer, classic surf doesn’t need always the extra pumb swells, to have fun, who of us don’t remember a small waves day at the end of summer, late in the afternoon with only 3 or 4 guys in the water and having fun, lots of fun, being happy doing what we love best.

Surf Culture at Noserider, is also gathering at our local beach break in peak of winter, at 6 am, a brave group of fellow Longboarders and surf for only a 1h or 2h max, and then ush ush to go to work and normally that day at the office is a “freaking” good day.

“LESS IS MORE”… With our experience we know that quality Surfboards make a difference, yes they are not cheap, but sometimes guys tend to buy a bunch of surfboards in a 3 to 5 years period, sometimes some second hands that are not the correct shape or size to them, but because they are less expensive guys buy them, normally very few of them get a really good surfboard, suitable for their skills and ambitions. We at Noserider defend “LESS is MORE”, that means save your money and when you have enough at least consider a brand new High Quality Surfboard, do your research first and then just buy it.

WHY? Because we have been there, that means in the last 25 years we also have bought a lot of surfboards, second hands, cheap surfboards, made some custom surfboards to our friend of friends local shaper, and then one day when we reach forty, and look at our busted quiver, the regret took over. Why I never bougth that top of the line surfboard?  Why so much money wasted, so many surfboards and none of them were really special? So 3 and a half years ago we decided to search for the best Longboard available in the European market (no matter the price). We had “only” 4 Conditions in mind:

1) “Extra Quality” of the materials, if we were going to pay more we wanted to “last more” in good surf conditions, not full of bumps after 8 months! A tip for you “quality materials aged much better”.
2) “Proven Shape” – We wanted a board with a confirmed well-done shape, with independent reviews from guys all around the world.
3) “The Best Noserider Model” – hang fives, hang tens should be easy and prolonged to the limit.
4) “Design” – the design most be “freaking awesome”, Unique, Classy Looks, and just plain Beautiful

And so the Quest Began… After one year of savings, and trips to stores in Ericeira, Peniche, Matosinhos and even to Galicia, we didn’t found in Portugal/Spain the Surboard that we were Craving for, why? There was a huge lack of choices and quality in the range of classic surfboards segment, sometimes we found very nice surboards from at least 2 Portuguese classic shapers that “qualify” to our “standards”, but the problem is that the stock available of that shapers is normally very low in the stores at least the ones we visited, and the sizes were not what we wanted.

After all that research, we decided to buy a expensive 10” longboard from a European dealership, it’s a model original shaped by Washington Dane Perlee and then resurrected and Tweaked by a Californian Shaper Ryan Engle with outstanding finishing, and is regarded by many has the best noserider of all times. And the results? “Machine of Hapinness” – The Start of a very Special Quiver is under way…” I just bought a “machine of happiness!!” that provides classic performance like no other surboard i had before, and very, very special hangtens and hangfives in small perfect conditions you could bring a children´s chair and seat on the nose of this board.

But is it a “Scholl Bus”? No it’s fast when you need it to be… One day during a surf session at my local spot, i had this amazing feed-back from a boadyboarder unknown to me, that saw me entering very late in a heads high wave, and recovery grounds of white water and i was able to reach in the “pocket zone” and he literally said “what the fuc.., what you did, i though it was impossible with that longboard, is there a freaking motor down there? Well no, the shape and quality of materials plus the technologies associated to that model is the answer. I have surfed in a lot of conditions with this model for the past 2 years, and it continues to amazing me, even in very tough conditions, it’s for sure my first Dream Surfboard… From My Dream Surfboard to Noserider! Stay Tunned, we will post some new stories in our Blog…